Surviving in Russia. Self-organization of social systems.

In the evil times of the Soviet Union  the odds of being bitten or killed by stray dogs were zero to none.

The local authorities were given  strict instructions to catch stray dogs and keep them for some short period of time. In case no one claimed for them, the dogs were utilized.

Such approach doesn’t work in liberal Russia because it’s considered to be cruel.

It is considered to be cruel as it is very cheap and can solve the problem.

They had a better idea.

What if catch stray dogs, do some manipulations with their reproductive system and set them free or keep them in dog shelters built with the tax payer’s money?

Weak objections of the  uncivilized post-Soviet people didn’t stop the new authorities  to pass the law under  loud and joyful outcries of the local and foreign dog rights activist.

Of course reasons that stray dogs don’t rape human beings, but bite and sometimes kill them and there are millions of homeless people in Russia are ridiculous when big cash is in sight.

Besides, who will check how many stray dogs have been operated on and set free?

It’s brilliant!

So the number of stray dogs in the streets of Russian towns increased dramatically since the Evil was destroyed.

There was one little problem though.

Stray dogs began to bite and kill people.

Dog rights activists keep saying that when stray dogs bite or kill a human being it’s the boomerang or the karma, that dogs don’t bite good people and so on.

The people in charge aren’t going to change the law by the reasons given above.

The situation is typical in contemporary Russia.

People who profit from liberal reforms have their cash as usual.

The freakish minorities have  their psychological  rewards.

The rest heal the wounded and mourn the dead.

Just  several examples  for starters.

2014.03.20. Stray dogs killed a 63 years old woman  not far from St. Petersburg. The local authorities can do next to nothing as their hands are bound by law.

2014.03.10. Stray dogs killed a 9 old year girl in Yakutia.

2014.02.18. Stray dogs killed a 9 years boy in Yakutia.

People want to clean the streets of stray dogs, but who would listen?

“ – What measures should be taken, in your opinion?

–          Shoot them or put them to sleep.

–          What do you think about the alternatives? Like dog shelters?

–          It’ll take a long time to build shelters. The best solution is to shoot them….

–          I think it’s necessary to shoot them.

–          Shoot them?

–          Yes….

–          I’ve got a kid and every time I’ve got to take him to school, it’s real scary as there are hundreds of stray dogs in our area. Shooting is the solution….”


Stray dogs kill 35 people every year in Russia. These people could have lived…

Discretion is advised:

The annotation reads:

“Tens of thousands of animals are killed by stray dogs in Russia every day.  Unlike wild animals, stray dogs hunt not to feed themselves, but for fun. Unlike wolves and tigers stray dogs don’t kill their victim quickly, but torture it, sometimes leaving it alive to die an awful death. Under the disguise of humanitarian programs, fraudulent schemes have been implemented in Russia since the mid of 1990. These schemes deliberately caused problems with stray animals, allowing sterilization of stray dogs and setting them free in urban areas or keeping them in shelters at the expense of the taxpayers.”

It is a loop; the more strays dogs on the streets, the more money to pocket. The more stray dogs, the more shelters to build with the state money.

But suddenly a new association emerged.

They call themselves “dog hunters”.

According to their manifesto a dog hunter is a person who postulates that human beings have a basic right to live in safe surroundings. They united to stay against those dog rights activists who act in a way as  though the lives of stray dogs are more valuable than the lives or health of human beings. They postulate that stray dogs in fact don’t differ from rats and the like.

As they say if there were no stray dogs, there would be no dog hunters.

The dog hunters claim that the state should catch and utilize stray dogs if nobody wants to keep them.

In their activities they use medicine (usually with a piece of sausage) which is harmless for a human being but fatal for a dog. They say that they never  scatter the bait, but give it to every stray dog  and in case it refuses to eat they always picks the bait up to prevent it being eaten by pets.

The funny side of it is that due to endless   publications and tv-programs everyone in Russia knows how to put a dog to sleep without much trouble.

The dog hunters operate mostly  in Russia and Ukraine. As they say, they are volunteers and their group consists mainly of young parents,  cyclists, people who have been attacked or injured by stray dogs, people whose pets have been killed or injured by stray dogs, people (sometimes dog owners) who just think that there should be no strays on the streets as they are very dangerous.

As any sub-culture group they have their own slang.

“a fleacarrier” – a stray dog;

“urban jackals” – stray dogs are not stray pets, but animals like rats, which adjusted themselves to live in urban and rural areas.

“last food” – a bait, usually a piece of sausage with medicine.

“to have a patient cured of TB, to give a ticket  to the rainbow flight, to send to the rainbow” – to put a stray dog to sleep.  The dog hunters constantly monitor the dog rights activist’s sites, where they give information about stray  dogs, very often with photos. In case the dog hunters recognize the place, they give the dog rights activists some  time to take the dogs off the streets; otherwise they do their job. After seeing the results, the dog rights activists begin to mourn. “It’s too late. We have warned not to give addresses and publish recognizable photos.  Swearwords…..swearwords….. (sometimes real awful).  Run strong, beautiful and brave beasts (or boys)! Run to the rainbow! Run in the soft grass!”

“a pan woman”  (kastrulitnetsa)  – usually a middle-aged woman, who feeds stray dogs in the streets (there is  no punishment in Russia for that).

In my opinion, this is not just a fight between human beings and stray dogs; the fight is between organized  groups of  people.

After every action there is a reaction, and the fight becomes more and more radical.

Alas, it always happens when the state can’t (or rather doesn’t want) to solve the problem.

People are afraid to walk the central streets of their cities. The annotation to this video reads:

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, please send the troops to our cities!”








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