The most expensive food.

In the geopolitical context all these EU and US Maidan activities look like another drang-nach-Osten operation.

It’s very charming of Clooney to support democracy and free elections in Ukraine; the only thing I can’t  grasp is what he meant by “free” elections?

Did he mean elections in the US of A? I think I’d better listen to Alex Jones then.  Besides, Clooney was much thinner in the video than in Hollywood movies and he didn’t look very healthy.

But that’s not the point.

The point is he is going to pay 15 billion bucks of our tax payers money to prevent them to sign the trade agreement with the EU; just for the time being.

And it’s only beginning….

The only good news for me is the EU won’t ban salo in near future; it’s my favourite snack.






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